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Dr. Peter Blanksma

Dr. Peter Blanksma​Dr. Pete Blanksma has over 27 years of experience in Wenatchee, Wa. He moved to Wenatchee, Wa. directly from Logan Chiropractic school in 1989. He had the opportunity to work side by side with Dr. Gordan Law and his wife Sandy, who were both long time Wenatchee residents.

Dr. Blanksma grew up in Rochester, Wa where he attended Rochester high School. He was active in football, basketball and baseball. He was recruited by YVC for baseball and played there for two years. Washington State University was the next step in Dr. B’s journey of life. He was fortunate enough to play baseball and be coached by one of the greatest coaches of all times, Coach Bobo Brayton. Coach Brayton has been very influential in Dr. Blanksma’s life. After receiving a neck injury at WSU, Dr. Blanksma quickly learned of Chiropractic benefits. The natural approach used, allowed Dr. Blanksma to finish a very successful baseball career at WSU. Dr Blanksma received a Biology degree from WSU in 1989.

Dr. Blanksma decided to attend Logan Chiropractic College (located in St Louis, Mo) instead of pursuing a post collegiate baseball career. His passion and his love for patient care makes each day that he gets to go to work, a great day!

Dr. B has been married to Kristine Blanksma since August 25th 1989. They met at WSU. Kristine is a pharmacist and works locally in our Valley. He has three children: Ashton Blanksma played soccer at Portland State University and is now attending Chiropractic School in Dallas Texas, Madison was active in track at WHS and is a daycare provider in Idaho.  Korynn Blanksma played soccer at WSU.  She graduated with a Masters in Speech Therapy and continues to play semi-pro soccer in Boulder, Colorado. 

Dr. B loves to hunt and fish. He has been active in coaching Explosion Softball and Wenatchee Valley College Softball programs for over 10 years. He has been a  Rotary member for over 10 years and enjoys volunteering in our beautiful community. He has been an active member in NCW Chiropractic for over 27 years. ( He is the past secretary of NCW Chiropractic and past Vice President of Greater Wenatchee Girls Softball.


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