Massage Therapists

Ben Elder, LMP

I graduated from Columbia River Institute of Massage Therapy. I also received a Bachelor of Science with a focus on Kinesiology from Western Washington University in 2011. I was a collegiate athlete in track and field at Western.  This promoted my interest in sports massage.   I can perform a range of modalities from relaxation to therapeutic massage. 

In my spare time I like to go hiking, camping and biking.  I also enjoys gardening and spending time with my wife, Rachael and our two dogs.   


Loni Mckenzie, LMP

I am married to Dru Mckenzie and have two children Maya and Jasper. I graduated from the Soma Institute of Neuromuscular Integration in 2001, where I was trained in Structural Integration. Since then, I've continued my education with Advanced Trainings at the Soma Inst., Thai Yoga massage, Pre and Post Natal massage, and most recently Infant Massage. These have all supported the style of bodywork I feel most comfortable with, which is slow, deep and effective. My goal is to create length and support throughout the body, unwinding compensation patterns, finding ease in each person's structure.

When I'm not doing massage, I'm usually at home in our family orchard with my husband and two silly toddlers, gardening, playing, knitting, and imagining myself to be an artist... I've been in Wenatchee since 2006, and fall more in love with this valley.