Blanksma Chiropractic Clinic


Pam Herrera, Office Manager

Pam Herrera, Office ManagerPam and her husband, Dennis have lived in the Wenatchee Valley for over 30 years. She has 2 children Mellisa and Dennis and, has 6 grandchildren.


Kirsten Haffner, Chiropractic Assistant

Kirsten Haffner, Chiropractic Assistant‚ÄčKirsten comes from a very creative music industry family. She grew up in California and Florida and wanted to try something completely different. Kirsten herself is an Author of the book, Born to Be Free. She is incredibly friendly and a great positive addition to Blanksma Chiropractic Family.

Kirsten and her partner Arnie Martinez have a cuddly cat named Kota. They love living in Wenatchee. Arnie has a big family and she is thankful they have welcomed her.